The Marketplace

The market place is exactly what it denotes – a place to buy and sell. At Bagic that is what we are about – buying and selling goods and services.

Here you will be able to see what goods we have on offer and hope that you will partner with us to help you achieve your goals.

You might have a project that you want managed we have seasoned professionals in a wide area of different industries able to offer a helping hand.

You might be thinking of the opportunities in Africa we have a sister company in Nigeria which can be used to flesh out opportunities.

All suggestions are carefully considered. We see our self as mini Dragons (Television Series).

So please feel free to drop us a line with your opportunities and let’s see if we can work together

Opportunities for Investors

  • Always looking into opportunities to invest in short term ventures both in the UK and aboard
  • Looking to buy Land in Lagos or indeed anywhere the opportunity presents itself.
  • Looking to invest in long term ventures that will lift our profile.
  • Always looking for more investors to join our company of becoming a global force in business.

Investment Portfolio – current/in progress

  • Real estate properties in Cyprus
  • Hotels/guest houses on Lagos Island
  • Import/export of products to Nigeria
  • Purchase of shares in blue-chip companies e.g. Zenith Bank
  • Importation of Healthcare and pharmaceuticals to Nigeria
  • Research and development